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Lost Items

All the information that you need to track down your misplaced things.

Where did you lose your item?

Please call the corresponding number below, for the venue where you lost it;

Players (Stupid Tuesday/Stupid Wednesday) 0121 643 6817
The Jam House (Cocktail) 0121 200 3030
UoB Guild of Students (Sports Night on Tour/Vodbull on Tour) 0121 251 2300
The Hub (Sports Night on Tour)  0121 622 1718
Snobs  0121 643 5551
Rosies  0121 632 4936

Left your coat in the Cloakroom?

Please contact the venue on the phone numbers above and arrange a time to collect it. 

SNOBS: please email Snobs HERE with your cloakroom ticket number and they will arrange a time for you to collect it, within 7 days.


Lost property and left cloakroom coats will be disposed of after 28 days, if not claimed and collected.

(Driving licenses will be returned to the DVLA, Student cards returned to your Guild) 

Upcoming Events

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Tuesday 24th April

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Vodbull - UoB Welcome Back Party!! - 26th April 2018

Thursday 26th April

Vodbull - UoB Welcome Back Party!! @ Rosies. More info

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