Vodbull UK Freshers Packs

Congrats! You’re coming to Birmingham! Now for getting the best freshers welcome in the world….

Freshers Pack Guide

  1. Does your uni have an official pack? Your uni name or logo or the word “official” used doesn’t mean it’s your uni! Check the uni’s official website or Facebook page! Your uni will have exclusive access to the best venues in the city and will have your fun….. and safety, in mind!
  2. If that pack’s not quite right for you, check out some other packs BUT there’s lots so how do you know which is the best or even real?
    • Maybe you’ve heard of the nights? Great!
    • Does it have venues names on it? Great! “Venue coming soon” = danger!
    • Are they using a bonafide ticket selling site like Fatsoma? Great!
    • Can you buy tickets to the events separately if you want? Sometimes that’s cheaper and you know it’s an actual event! Great!
    • But do their videos and photos look ace? Watch out, they might be from another city, or even bought online.
    • Does it sound too good to be true? It probably is. Don’t waste your cash!

Freshers Pack – BCU/ASTON/UCB

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Freshers Pack – UoB

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