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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the Admission Policy for Vodbull student events?
Due to the massive demand, priority is given to local Universities (Aston / Birmingham / UCB / BCU / Newman only). Admission is for local UNIVERSITY cards only (not college or NUS cards) and their bona fide STUDENT guests.


Online tickets holders are bound by the same admission policy

Please note that due to reasons that will become apparent very soon (1st August) the ID issues for Vodbull has returned to our traditional 'One for One policy'. Every local uni student (UoB, BCU, Aston, UCB, Newman) can bring ONE non local UNI STUDENT, without needing to book them in with us. The 'Out of town list' is no longer in operation. :)

EVERYONE at ALL our events require proof of age ID (passport or driving licence).

Please note: entry is NOT guaranteed and we reserve the right to refuse entry.

Non student guests are NOT permitted at Vodbull, regardless of whether they are accompanied by a current student.

The above ID policy supersedes any ticket purchase made by the customer (paper/online or door) and the company reserve the right to refuse access if the ID policy has not been met. No refunds will be given in this case.

Tickets are only valid until the time stated on the ticket, after which time a surcharge will be payable or the ticket may no longer be accepted. Guestlist places are only guaranteed until 12am (late entry tickets not included).

Valid Proof of Age ID (Passport or Driving Licence) MUST also be shown with a valid student card.
What is the Admission Policy for regular student events?
Strictly Over 18 Only

Admission is with valid University or Student Card AND proof of age photo ID (Drivers Licence / Passport) only.

University or Student card holders are allowed one guest with photo ID per University card holder max.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest that large parties email to ensure availability for any events.

A ticket does not guarantee entry. Right of Admission Reserved (ROAR)

Tickets are only valid until 12am (unless otherwise explicitly stated on the ticket), after which time a surcharge will payable or entry may be refused.

Guest list places are only guaranteed until 12am.
What is the Admission Policy for regular NON student events?
Strictly Over 18 Only

Admission is with valid proof of age photo ID (Drivers Licence / Passport) only.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest that large parties email to ensure availability for any events, especially at beginning and end of term.

A ticket does not guarantee entry. Right of Admission Reserved (ROAR)

Tickets are only valid until 12am (unless otherwise explicitly stated on the ticket), after which time a surcharge will payable or entry may be refused.

Guestlist places are only guaranteed until 12am.
I have lost my ID. What should I do?
If you have lost or had your STUDENT ID stolen, please email to ensure you gain entry.

If you have lost or had your PROOF OF AGE ID stolen, this is a venue licensing issue so please contact the venue that the event is due to be held at. Contact numbers can be found on the event description of this website.

If you turn up on the door without the correct ID entry will be refused.
I lost something at the club. Help!
All the information that you need to track down your misplaced things.

Where did you lose your item?

Please call the corresponding number below, for the venue where you lost it;

Players (Stupid Tuesday/Stupid Wednesday) 0121 643 6817
The Jam House (Cocktail) 0121 200 3030
UoB Guild of Students (Sports Night on Tour/Vodbull on Tour) 0121 251 2300
The Hub (Sports Night on Tour) 0121 622 1718
Snobs (Vodbull) Please see below


Items lost at Snobs will be available to collect from Selly Oak- Times/place to be arranged.

Please email to check we have your item first.

Left your coat in the Cloakroom?

Please contact the venue on and arrange a time to collect it.

SNOBS: please email Snobs here with your cloakroom ticket number and they will arrange a time for you to collect it, within 7 days.


Lost property and left cloakroom coats will be disposed of after 28 days, if not claimed and collected.

(Driving licenses will be returned to the DVLA, Student cards returned to your Guild)
In all instances your best bet is to contact the venue directly the following day between 10am and 4pm when someone will be in the offices. All lost property from the previous night will have been collected by then and hopefully your item will have been found.

For venue details please see CONTACT CLUBS on the menu at the bottom of the website
Where can I get tickets from?
Tickets for all events are available online exclusively from and

Ticket Outlets

Drinks2Go (Bristol Road, Selly Oak)
OMCO (Dawlish Road, Selly Oak)
Duck & Scholar, Shackleton (The Vale, Edgbaston)
B4 Bar, Aston Guild
Fitness First, Stirchley
Selected departments and networkers at all Universities
I have an online ticket. What happens?
You do not actually get a physical ticket - one less thing to lose!

Simply queue as normal at the online ticket queue and have your ID ready to be confirmed on the online list.

If you have purchased multiple tickets you as lead name will need to arrive first and with ALL THE PEOPLE ON YOUR TICKET!

Please have your proof of purchase email (from Paypal) ready on your phone.

If you make an online booking through and do not receive a confirmation then please email
Can I buy tickets at the door?
Yes - at MOST events, capacity permitting, we will have 100 tickets on the door. Please call 07920 40 41 42 for specific information.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have purchased your ticket on the door, you are NOT permitted to leave and then re-enter at a later time.

However if advance tickets are sold out these places will go quickly so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
When are the tickets valid until?
Typically advance tickets are valid until 12am unless otherwise stated on the tickets or on the internet booking form.

All tickets for all Birmingham events are subject to a £1 surcharge payable on the door after 12am so please make sure that you allow sufficient time for transport and queuing so you are in the venue prior to the 12am cut off time.

Tickets for “Cocktail” at the Jam House are valid before 11pm.
Sales policy and ticket touting
Vodbull UK has an extensive ticket selling network and all sellers within that network should be selling event tickets for the same price and under the same terms and conditions.

Regular tickets for all Vodbull run events in Birmingham are £5.00 in advance during term time with the exception of events in the first, last and gala event weeks of term where prices may be higher.


Vodbull UK takes this matter very seriously. Ticket touting is illegal and is detrimental to you the customer and to our ability to run the successful events that we do. If you think you have paid over the odds for a ticket for one of our events then please report it to us on 07920 40 41 42.

All ticket sales are final and any refund offered will be at management discretion.
Full Outlet List
The following is a complete list of Authorised Vodbull UK Ticket outlets, correct to 12/04/14.

Selected other parties (University Halls, Societies and Sports Teams) may also be selling tickets for specific events that they have booked into.

If you are offered a ticket by someone who is not on this list, they are not an authorised Vodbull UK seller and we would strongly advise that you do not purchase from them. They may be touting tickets at inflated prices or the tickets may be fake. If you are in any doubt please contact us on 07920 40 41 42 to confirm whether they are genuine.

Ticket Outlets

Drinks2Go (Bristol Road, Selly Oak)
OMCO (Dawlish Road, Selly Oak)
Duck & Scholar, Shackleton (The Vale, Edgbaston)
B4 Bar, Aston Guild
Fitness First, Stirchley
Selected departments and networkers at all Universities
What time is the door open until?
Assuming that there is capacity available inside the club the following door times apply:

Stupid Tuesday @ Players – 10pm-1:30am

Stupid Wednesday @ Players – 10pm-1:30am

Tom's Mum on Tour – 11pm-1.30am

Vodbull UK @ Snobs – 11pm-2am

Cocktail @ The Jamhouse – 9pm-12am

All Other Events - 10pm-1am
Where do I go to queue at Snobs?
Snobs has three separate entrances so it is important that you queue in the right place to avoid wasting your time.

The entrance on the corner is the MAIN ENTRANCE. This is for those on the VIP Guestlist (this DOES NOT include those with coloured wristbands), those with VIP online tickets or those paying on the door.

If you have a regular online ticket then please use the HURST STREET ENTRANCE next to TE bar.

If you have a paper ticket or coloured wristband for a private area then please use the HURST STREET ENTRANCE.

When required we will use the other side entrance, the SMALLBROOK QUEENSWAY ENTRANCE as an overflow for paper tickets.

Using the right door will help to reduce your queuing time to a minimum.
Why is there a queue at Vodbull?
As I am sure you are aware, Vodbull is a very popular event with a strong client base. The need to check each ID on entry to improve safety and security inside the venue may regretfully lead to a slight delay on entry and thus increases the queues.

To help relieve this situation we would strongly suggest getting to the venue just a little earlier than you may usually. Please also allow time for transport as taxis are often in demand at this time of night. For your comfort, enjoyment and minimal Q times, we would advise arriving by 11.15pm.
Can I finish my drink from home in the queue?

As you may also be aware, changes in Drink Licensing legislation in Birmingham came into effect at the start of April 2010 aimed at addressing the growing issues of binge drinking and anti-social behaviour and they will have an impact on the way in which many student nights operate.

An increasing trend towards pre-drinking and drinking whilst in transit to the venue has been noted and we understand there may be temptation for this.

However, we would remind you that many of the venues at which we operate are located within the City Centre alcohol exclusion zone, which means it is illegal to drink on the street in the area surrounding the venue. This of course includes any time spent queuing for entry to the venue. To reinforce this message, any bottles will be removed from people drinking outside and people attempting to drink in the queue regretfully may not gain entry to the event. Dependant on an individual’s behaviour, they may also be liable for prosecution if observed by a Police Officer.

Similarly, please ensure that you drink in moderation prior to arriving at the venue. Any person who appears visibly intoxicated will be refused access as per licensing law, for your own safety and that of others in the venue. Being outside a venue while everyone else is inside enjoying their night is not the recipe for a good night out!

Finally, please consider the points available at to ensure a safe and enjoyable night out for all, every time!
What is the dress code at the events?
The dress code for the majority of events is casual / relaxed, however caps and tracksuits are not allowed unless for fancy dress purposes. Of course religious headwear is permitted. Fancy dress is thoroughly encouraged - there may be prizes for extra effort depending on the theme!

The exceptions to this policy are Cocktail @ the Jam House where a strict dress code is in force:

No trainers or ripped/faded denim.

Shirt/Suit/Trousers/Cocktail Dress is strongly encouraged.

Fancy dress is not permitted at this event.
I would like to organise a party...
Please drop an email to or call 07920 40 41 42 with the following information:

Party name and approximate number of guests

Date and event required

Any special requests to be sourced (i.e. pre paid bar tab / reserved area / queue jump etc)

We would strongly advise at least a weeks notice for party bookings to give you the best options possible.
It's my birthday. What can you offer?
We have a number of different options that we can offer to birthday parties depending on the event and the time in term that your birthday falls.

For more information on what we can offer drop us a line to or call on 07920 40 41 42 and we will see what we can do.

Please make contact as far in advance as possible as unfortunately we are not able to deal with ‘last minute’ requests due to the levels of business at the majority of events.
I can't log on to the website. Help!
On enter your email address in the “forgot password” box and click "reset password", your new password will be sent to your email address. Please check your junk folder as some providers may class the mail as junk.
I still can't log in. Help!
If you experience further technical difficulties after following the instructions in point 13 then please contact
I want to modify the emails/texts I receive..
Simply sign in to by entering your email address and password (if you have forgotten it click "forgot password and check your email for the reminder). On the site you can then change your "preferences" so you still receive membership benefits such as online ticket purchasing while managing how you receive any promo information.
I have a complaint. Who should I contact?
We are sorry that you feel there is an issue with the event that we have organised.

In the first instance please email directly to

If the complaint is something we can deal with then we will do so as soon as possible.

If it is a venue issue then we will ensure that the venue management are made aware of the situation and will copy you into our correspondence with them.
I have a comment about an event you run
We are always interested to hear feedback from our customers both on areas in which we excel and areas in which we could improve. Please drop us an e-mail to with your thoughts.
Tickets are generally non refundable and the sale is final, but resale of tickets is permitted.

If for any reason you cannot attend the event you have a ticket for;

If you have a paper ticket you can sell it on AT FACE VALUE without needing to contact us.

If the person whose name is on the online ticket cannot attend the event, you must notify any change in booking name to by 12pm on the day of the event to amend the ticket.

Non attendance without a VALID reason (agreed with Vodbull UK NO LATER than midday on the day of the event by contacting to an event will NOT result in a refund. We MAY (depending on the reason for non attendance) be able to transfer the ticket/s to another event (providing the ticket is of the same value).

Please make sure that you are fully aware, and adhere to, the Admission Policy of your chosen event. Refunds will NOT be given if you don't have the correct IDs or you are deemed too intoxicated when you arrive. 

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