Birmingham Freshers Welcome Party

Welcome to Birmingham Freshers 2018!

The best in commercial, dance, pop, RnB and indie throughout the night!

£1.50 Fosters Bottles

3 Bombs for £5

3 VK Flavours for £6

£2.75 Double Vodka Mixer

£1 Shots

£39 Russian Standard Vodka Bottle + Mixers

WE JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY OVER THE ODDS FOR YOUR DRINKS!Think Safe, Drink Safe – Drink in Moderation, Know your limits and Don’t Binge.

For more info on safe drinking visit 

GOT A BIRTHDAY COMING UP!?!?  Call today on 07920 40 41 42 or email


Players Bar Birmingham 240 Broad St
Birmingham B1 2HG